What a fabulous Awards Ceremony! Thank you to the Hereford Times and all the people involved with organising Hereford’s Health & Social Care Awards – a great success!

We were incredibly impressed with the calibre of the award nominees, finalists and winners who were all highly regarded by members of the Hereford community for their talents and dedication in health and social care.

As a sponsor, and local care provider, we have been proud to be involved with these important awards for the 2nd year running. We know from our own staff, who work tirelessly to meet the needs of vulnerable people, that recognition for hard work and compassion goes a long, long way. As a community, it is vital that we show support to those who care for others, as well as those receiving care.

Katherine Harriet’s own members of staff, Wellbeing Assistant Liz Jones, Sharon Box and Jessica Dunn all reached the finals of the awards, having won the judges over with her sheer dedication to caring for others, and always going above and beyond to promote peoples’ wellbeing. We’re very proud of them all for all their achievements.

We were also hugely delighted that Jessica Dunn won her category, The Care Trainer Award.  We were also a Finalist in the Care Employer category, a huge thank you to all those that voted for us, it is wonderful to be recognised in this category.

Our award sponsorship was the Palliative/End of Life Care category, and one that touches so many people in Hereford. The carers, nurses and physiotherapists involved in End of Life care all deserve an award for the compassion and support they give to individuals and their families. Judging this category was incredibly difficult, but we felt honoured to have read the stories behind the nominations – all the nominees and finalists were truly deserving.

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