Why you should consider a career in care

Jessica Dunn, Office Manager at Katherine Harriet Ltd looks at why you should consider a career in care, at Katherine Harriet. 

Maybe you have always wanted to work in care, or gain a great sense of wellbeing and reward from helping others when they most need it. Alternatively, you may find yourself now looking at a change of career due to your personal circumstances, and something to fit around your home life. Are you wondering if a career in care might be just what you’re looking for, keep reading and see why you should consider making the move today. 

Why should you consider a career in care? 

Few careers are as rewarding as working in care, as you drive home with the knowledge of knowing you genuinely made someone’s day better and brought a smile to their face, is an unmatched feeling. The feeling of job satisfaction that comes from supporting our clients and caring for them, including their families, truly cannot be rivalled. 

Why become a Home Carer, Wellbeing Assistant 

Care work in all settings is extremely rewarding, but when looking after clients in their own homes, you also know that your support is helping them to stay exactly where they want to be, surrounded by their own memories and belongings. Over time you start to build relationships with the clients you are caring for, their families and their loved ones. 

‘It gives me satisfaction that I am contributing to helping keep our clients to live safely and independently in their own home. If you want flexible working hours, learn new skills and have training opportunities, variety with a wide range of individuals, feel valued and be part of a great team, then go for it!’ – AB (Wellbeing Assistant at Katherine Harriet) 

I have no care experience, where do I start? 

If you are kind, compassionate, patient, and someone who wants to make a difference, then you are perfectly suited to a career in care, a willingness to learn and experience new challenges is all you need to get started. Caring for others is a continuous learning experience, that will always start with indepth training, that incorporates the Care Certificate standards, and guidance from Skills For Care. Our training at Katherine Harriet comprises of, and does not stop at: 

  • Introduction to Katherine Harriet and the role of a Wellbeing Assistant
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Medication
  • Moving and Handling
  • Infection Control  
  • Equality, Diversity and LGBTQ+
  • Mental Health, Dementia, and Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Capacity

And many more care related core subjects. Although training does not just stop in the class room, you will then be paired up with our senior team members, our Mentors, you will shadow and observe our working ways at Katherine Harriet, and you will be guided to become competent in all areas and you will be signed off by the Mentor team and the Registered Manager. 

Although once you are signed off, there is still an onboarding probation period, where you will continue to grow and build your skills and knowledge, you will also be offered the chance to complete your qualifications in health and social care. 

What does a typical shift look like? 

What is a typical shift? No two days are the same, just like no two care plans are the same. Dependant on what time of day you are working, usually, you will be supporting clients with personal care, getting them ready for the day, or assisting for them to get ready for bed, assisting with fluid and foods, medication support, mobility support, day to day activities, companionship and light household cleaning. 

Your working day could consist of all of the above, or something as little as supporting someone with a hot cup of tea and a good natter. 

What about career progression? 

They always say that starting as a Carer / Wellbeing Assistant, gives you the skills, tools and knowledge to begin your healthcare journey. We can support you through your diploma in health and social care, we have various training opportunities, both in house and through a training provider and we also have career pathways in place for all of our staff, this consists of: 

  • Train the trainer – become part of our Training Committee and support new and existing staff 
  • On Call Team Member – become part of our On Call Team
  • Mentor Team Member – become part of our senior team and support new and existing staff

How would I apply? 

The quickest and easiest way to apply, is by emailing or calling the office on: 

E: info@katherineharriet.care 

T: (01432) 483083 

Alternatively, you could pop into the office to speak to one of the team, our office is located at 9 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AP 

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