I’d like to firstly like thank the 6th form College for inviting us to showcase Katherine Harriet at their “Impact week”.

Myself, Lucy watkins (Staff Engagement Manager) Joel Calder, Lin Gummer (Mentors) and Rachael Dewey-Smith (Wellbeing assistant) had a lovely time talking to a group of individuals about the health and social care sector and the work that we do at Katherine Harriet.

The event enabled us to be able to give their students a taster session of our induction and an insight into the career pathways we offer.

If you are thinking about a career within the care sector, come and chat to us, see what we have to offer. We can support you whilst you’re learning or guide you in to one of our career pathways or do you just simply want to come and care for our wonderful clients, whilst deciding on your career path or even building for that future.

Hereford Sixth Form visit