Qualities of a Wellbeing Assistant

Lucy Pilliner, Staff Engagement Manager, describes – Qualities of a Wellbeing Assistant 


Our Wellbeing Assistants are respectful of their clients and their homes. As much as we encourage building relationships with our Clients, these should always remain professional and respectful of their needs, wishes and preferences. 


To be a good Wellbeing Assistant you need to be empathetic, have a positive outlook and care deeply about other people and their wellbeing. 

Empathy is the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that personas.


Being reliable is extremely important, especially when the client is waiting for you to arrive. Clients rely on our Wellbeing Assistants to carry out tasks that they would rather be doing themselves, but aren’t able to, so being reliable and arriving on time is paramount. 

There are times when we can’t always help being delayed or late sometimes, whether due to bad traffic, a breakdown / or the weather. It is essential to communicate effectively when that’s the case, to the office, your manager, or if appropriate, the client themselves. 


Patience is an essential trait for our Wellbeing Assistants because there will be times where the call may over run for reasons that are unavoidable, or the client may not be well or even want to do tasks for themselves. As a Wellbeing Assistant it is so important to always support Clients to be as independent as possible and encourage them to do things for themselves where they want to and is safe to do, rather than doing it for them because it’s quicker.

All our Clients’ needs vary – they may have had a stroke, have Dementia or live with another condition that takes them a long time to answer a question. Our Wellbeing Assistants know how important IT IS to not become impatient and answer for them, presuming you know what they want.

Friendly and adaptable Personality 

Having an adaptable personality is definitely something our Wellbeing Assistants require. Not everyone we care for has the same personality, so being able to adapt to each person or situation is a good trait to have. Most Clients will often have an amazing personality, but there will be times when they’re resistant to having care and won’t accept that they need any extra support at home. We ensure we work hard to bond; form trusting relationships and have a calm approach so they’ll soon see you as a friend and understand you are there to help.


Having a practical nature is extremely useful for our Wellbeing Assistants because of the nature of the care we provide. This does not just mean using equipment such as a hoist, wheelchair etc but being practically minded too and being able to think on your feet in any circumstance that arises. On times our Wellbeing Assistants need to remain unemotional even when they may feel overwhelmed. This is not an easy thing to do for some, however we are there to support and provide our Clients with reassurance and have them trust us in any given situation. 


A very large part of our Wellbeing Assistant role is being observant and making sure that anything that is out of the ordinary is reported and acted upon as soon as is reasonably possible. Recording and reporting is essential in a Wellbeing Assistant role. 


This has to be one of the most important qualities our Wellbeing Assistants need. If a Wellbeing Assistant doesn’t care, then they can’t care for another person. 

Caring is displaying kindness and concern for others.


Experience is not essential to be a great Wellbeing Assistant. As long as you are a caring, reliable and empathetic person, then there is plenty of training and support that will teach you the skills that are required to succeed in the role. 

Whether experience is gained from day-to-day learning or from training you have completed or learnt over time, it is something that no-one can ever take from you. All experience and knowledge will enhance your confidence in yourself to do the role well. We have over 50 Wellbeing Assistants who are just fantastic with a range of experience, knowledge, and strengths.

Below are some testimonies from our staff and why they enjoy their role as a Wellbeing Assistant. 

“I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals in living independently.  I have a lot of empathy with people.  It is really rewarding – no two days are the same.  I love getting to know my clients and learning about their lives.  It makes going to work a joy!”

Miche Doran – Wellbeing Assistant 

I love my job with KH because it’s rewarding to see how my clients are pleased to see me, we enjoy a chat, which makes them feel at ease assisting them with their day-to-day routine enabling them to stay in their own home. Also, the other WBA’s and office are so supportive to one another which helps our job run smoothly.”

Ann Oliver – Wellbeing Assistant.

“At last, I’ve found my vocation in life! Absolutely love the job and helping people to stay in their homes as long as possible. No two calls or days are the same. Its great meeting new people and really getting to know my regulars and build a rapport with them. My only regret? Didn’t do it sooner.”

Julie Fox – Wellbeing Assistant 

If you, or anyone you know have these qualities and would like to become a wellbeing Assistant working for a well-established, highly respectable company, then please give us a call on  01432 483083, or visit us at 9 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AP

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