Katherine Harriet’s Recruitment Process

Lucy Watkins talks about Katherine Harriet’s recruitment process following the Health and Social Care Regulations Fit and proper persons employed. 

Under regulation 19 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 supports social care providers when it comes to establishing such a staff team. It covers the requirements placed on health and social care providers to ensure employment of – what the regulation refers to as – “fit and proper” staff. 

At Katherine Harriet we have a robust recruitment process in place where interviews are carried out by a manager and all relevant checks are carried out. We ensure the recruitment process is monitored and continues to meet requirements. 

Even though we don’t like to think this will happen we also have a strict procedure in place to deal with staff who are no longer fit to carry out the duties required of them. This is actioned buy a manager following strict guidelines through our policies and procedures. 

As we know in any business the recruitment and selection process are the foundation for building a competent team. In our case Wellbeing Assistants. 

Katherine Harriet, comply with the Equality Act 2010 and data protection legislation. Ensuring there is no discrimination against applicants with protected characteristics in our recruitment processes and decisions. 

Our process: 

During the interview process we get to know the interviewee in a relaxing and confidential environment. During the course of the interview which will be taken by one of our manager’s we discuss if they have any relevant experience or qualifications and why they feel they would be a good candidate for this role. Even though we do not require qualifications or experience for a Wellbeing Assistant role we do like to ensure the interviewee understands the role they have applied for and what this in tails. 

If the candidate is successful, our staff liaison Officer will send an email containing the job offer with all relevant information and documentation. Once this has been completed, returned and all required documents for DBS has been brought in and copied we will then process the information on our secure system and start to build up a profile. 

Katherine Harriet ensures that all checks such as criminal records, barred lists, professional registers, qualifications, and experience is completed before new recruits start work. 

We ensure references and DBS are sent off in a timely manner. We always ensure DBS and references are checked when they return to ensure there are no discrepancies that will affect their ability to carry out this role. 

In the meantime, the candidate will join our training days where they will learn about the company, their role, regulations and legislations, elements of care and much more. Shadowing is then arranged where they will be trained by our Mentors to carry out calls according to Katherine Harriet’s standards and following our ways of working. 

Once this has been completed and marked off in all areas as competent, we will invite them in to discuss how they got on, how they felt and if any more training in any areas are required. 

Once signed off they will be introduced into a secure What’s app group through probation for quick access to a member of staff if they require support a weekly check in from the office and spot checks. 

We take pride in our recruitment process and our training. 

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